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How to Hold Effective Virtual Board Meetings

Virtual meetings have become a common practice for many mission-driven organizations and, if they are done correctly they can be extremely productive. As with any read this article – The Impact of Virtual Data Room Features meeting there are a few key elements to consider to ensure that it is efficient.

It’s important to establish expectations and follow good manners, but it’s also essential to keep the conversation going. If the conversation stalls or gets bogged down on one subject, it could be hard for those who aren’t there participate and contribute their insight. A schedule can help the chair of the meeting ensure that everyone is getting their fair share and keeps a few key speakers from dominating the discussion.

Additionally, it’s important to keep remote participants engaged by making sure that they can access the most important content. This may include sharing presentations, dispersing physical documents or creating content using whiteboards or flipcharts during the meeting. Remote attendees can be completely engaged thanks to a rich interaction experience. They can make contributions just as easily as individuals in the room.

To help facilitate this change in the direction of digital meetings, it’s important to have an application that provides secure centralised access to all meeting materials. This capability is available on platforms like BoardPro which support the transition to digital meetings. By keeping all meeting notes and documents in a central digital archive, directors will have easy access to important information for future consultation and reference.

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