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Restrict Access to Electronic Documents

If you handle personal information on customers and employees sensitive business information, or legal documents, limiting access to electronic documents is an essential aspect of your security. This can help prevent security breaches and ensure compliance of laws like GDPR or HIPAA.

Increasing levels of document security is possible through custom permissions, which allows managers to control how sensitive files are printed or opened, as well as copied. You can also limit the types of changes that are allowed to the document, such as altering the layout or editing text. A file can be restricted to permit administrators to monitor user activities and identify any unauthorized modifications.

If a person who is a participant in a case or another person who is the subject of information contained in court documents requests that the Court restrict access to public records the request must be made in writing. They must then submit the motion or notice of the request to the Court. The motion must include the reasons for restricting access to public records. If the Court allows the restriction, it will make an order declaring the restrictions in effect. Any documents or exhibits which are subject to access restrictions must be marked as such on the electronic cover sheet.

A robust management system can increase the security of your documents by keeping your data securely. This prevents the theft of passwords, usernames and other sensitive information by making sure that documents are only opened with authorization.


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