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The Best Features of the Board of Directors Portal


The board of directors is accountable for guiding the organization’s strategy and overseeing the executive leadership. It’s a daunting task and it requires time, commitment and a clear communication. Here are some of board portal’s most useful features to keep meeting processes running smoothly.

Secure Document Storage

All of your private information is stored securely on a board of director portal. This is important because it means that if there are any changes to board materials or minutes of meetings, they can be quickly and easily changed without the risk of exposing sensitive information.

This feature allows directors and board members to review and access documents prior to the meeting. The ability to annotate or highlight important points prior to the meeting assists directors in staying engaged and well-prepared during the meeting. This in turn results in more productive meetings, which result in stronger corporate governance.

Instant updates on meeting minutes and board books are another wonderful feature of the portal. The ability to access and interact with these reports from any device is crucial particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when traditional four-year colleges saw record decreases in enrollment. Higher education boards are able to continue to work on their strategic plans even if they are unable to meet face-toface.

The eSignature function lets board members to sign documents and meetings minutes using the use of a digital signature. It’s a safe and secure option for both administrators and board members, so that they can reduce the risk of documents being stolen or lost. It’s also helpful for directing the flow of information and making sure that all board members have the opportunity to submit their views on important issues before voting.

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